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How to confirm if DC is in Tombstone

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  • How to confirm if DC is in Tombstone


    A recently hired administrator is saying that two DC's in which I am responsible for are in Tombstone state. I keep telling that they are not, plus he is trying to use a DC that I know is in Tombstone state and had lost connectivity long before the first two. I just want to be sure he is not trying to make me look bad, I was aware of this problem months ago and have suggested having their network engineer setup a VPN between sites in which they have been slow to respond.

    Being that I am not a guru at this stuff, is there a way to absolutely confirm that the DC is or is not in Tombstone state?

    I am going off of what I've seen by runninng dcdiag, is there a better way to confirm this?

    Thanks you guys

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    Re: How to confirm if DC is in Tombstone

    This article details how to reanimate tombstoned objects and also explains how to find tombstoned objects. Maybe it will help you prove your point.