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    I set up a basic 2003 server using a workgroup, no active directory. It is in a small network with about 4 other XP pro machines. I had Remote desktop set up individually by port forwarding to each individual machine using different ports but now wanted to try web connection. I now changed all machines back to use port 3389 for RDP web connection. ISP blocks port 80, so I used different port for IIS.

    When I put in

    I get the RDP screen and hit connect, and can connect to the 2003 server no problem. The issue is I am looking to connect to the other XP pro machines through the 2003 server. I can achieve this locally from within the network, but from outside it does not work.

    From within the network I just put the machine name in and it connects. From outside it says the machine cannot be found by either the ip of the machine or the name.

    Any help of how to addresss these individual machines would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
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    Re: Remote Desktop Web Connection

    This is not a direct answer to your question, but rather a different way to get the desired results. You could create a simple PPTP VPN via RRAS on the Server 2003 machine. Set up proper port and protocol forwarding on the firewall and then once folks are connected to the VPN they could remote into their computers without worrying about tsweb and all that. Just a thought.
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