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2003 Server - DNS Issue

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  • 2003 Server - DNS Issue

    For some unknown and bizarre reason, we can no longer ping a server by name

    so for instance you would ping it by server01 instead of it resolving to its now coming up server01.domain and an external IP

    where as it should be server01.domain.local and

    so when querying the network it's not hitting the domain controller 1st, it's trying outside, but I dont know why it's forwarding the request externally

    nothing has changed on the network or the server

    could anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Re: 2003 Server - DNS Issue

    So your saying that server1 is running DNS and all windows clients point to this DNS server?
    Is there a record for server.domain.local in this DNS? Does the server itself resolve its own name?
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