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MS05-010 License Logging Corruption Issue NTSP6a

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  • MS05-010 License Logging Corruption Issue NTSP6a

    We applied MS05-010 (885834) to our NTSP6a Server and it corrupted the license logging service - the very 'vulnerability' it was supposedly released to protect. It caused the system to fail to release licenses so the server limit was eventually exceeded and all additional log-ons were denied. Raising the license limit was a temporary fix as they too were eventually consumed. Rebooting the server proved to be a temporary fix as well.

    Uninstall did not correct the problem so we disabled the license logging service. Microsoft personnel have refused to talk about this because the 'life cycle for NT Server is over.'

    Aside from Microsoft's rationale for publicly posting an NT-specific version of this critical security update, all we've asked for is an explanation of what it did to the system (replaced files, registry changes, etc.) We have backups from which we can use to manually correct. We've found other postings of this same problem elsewhere but no solutions.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.