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Offline Files...not working properly

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  • Offline Files...not working properly

    OK...I have a DC Win2k3 Std., with 20 wks's. I implemented offline files (desktop and start menu); I wated about 4 days for all the stations to create a profile on server, then I walked on the profile folder and work on security...just read and execute. So the kids in the school can't right nothing on desktop, nor delete or rename. All good unitl another 20 wsk's came in school, I installed them, put them in the domain, but the offline files on Desktop profile is working, only the Start Menu, the Desktop is not redirected, and that's not good because they can save stuff on desktop.
    I disabled the rest of GPOs's and let only the redirect policy, I disabled then enabled the redirect policy, nothing works. It's only one account who is using tihs policy, so all the kids in the school use the same account to log on "elev".

    If somewone...

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    Re: Offline Files...not working properly

    First, run RSOP or gpresults against one of the affected machines to get a report of GPO application to see where it is going wrong.

    Second, Folder Redirection and Offline Files are two different things. When you use the wrong teminology to describe your problem you send people off in the wrong direction for an answer. I only mention this because I see quite a few posts with problem.

    Post your results from RSOP and gpresults so we can have a look.