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Multi site domain setup

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  • Multi site domain setup

    Need a few suggestions or articles on how to accomplish a multiple site domain 2 locations (site A and site B) I have my own domain (aaa.local) They do have their own domain ( I want to extend Site A's active directory/domain to location B. I have an IPsec tunnel between the 2 locations (T1 at each location) Site A is 192.168.51.x/24 Site B is 192.168.60.x/24 I plan on using DFS replication for shares between the 2 My first step is too change my ip scheme to 192.168.52.x/20 ( Add this information into sites and services Change Site B ip scheme to 192.168.60.x/20 ( place a domain controller at site B for AD replication. Either setup a trust relationship with Site A to site B or remove and migrate users/shares to aaa.local (I would prefer this) setup DFS for replicating shares.