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  • Home network (Child protection)


    I have to PCs, my PC and the PC (soon) for the kids.

    To prevent adult/warez/MP3 ... sites I'd like to lock and log the activities on this PC. I'd lke to do this, my PC with Windows Vista x64 + VMware with a MS Server 2003 and at logon on the kids' PC ask to join the domain (controlled by Server 2003 on VMWare)

    Do you think, it's the best way ?

    Is there some tools for Server 2003 to log/lock activites for a specific user ?

    Your advice is welcome


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    Re: Home network (Child protection)

    You can either use NetNanny on the workstations (an excellent product with Windows Integration built in) or you could use a corporate web filtering product (for instance Websense in conjunction with ISA Server). However the second option could get expensive...

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      Re: Home network (Child protection)

      A Clark Connect box will do all that filtering.
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        Re: Home network (Child protection)

        If it's only on the internet you might want to use a DNS solutions like
        It allows you to filter content and does have intructions on how to set this up, it's also free.

        Though if your kids know anything about how computers and the internet work they'll easily get past this.

        As for locking down their PC, you could have them logon as a standard user and use group policy to enforce restrictions, again if your kids know anything about computers and windows systems it probably won't take them long to work around this.

        With the above solutions you don't have to have your computer basically turned on all the time for the kids to use their PC, and if your working on your PC you will benifit from not having a performance hit running VMware and Win2k3.

        Hope this helps, it would probably be the way I'd do this.