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Server 2003 TCP/NETBIOS-SSN problem

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  • Server 2003 TCP/NETBIOS-SSN problem

    Hi all

    I have a network that has been running fine for a long time but recently (6-7) weeks the bandwidth is just getting consumed for no apparent reason.

    I have run a sniffer and found that there are lots and lots of TCP/NETBIOS-SSN packets being sent from the server to one of the clients and vice versa. I have virus scanned both the PC and Server in question and is clean of everything that is known.

    Now I have figured out that if I disable netbios on the server TCP properties then this traffic halts immediately and everything is cool BUT my curiosity is why would this traffic be generated.

    Why is it being generated?
    Will not using netbios harm me?
    Would SQL have anything to do with this?

    Server 2003 member server
    SQL 2005

    This is my first post so any help would be appreciated.



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    Re: Server 2003 TCP/NETBIOS-SSN problem

    The netbios session traffic between the server and the client should not affect any other machine unless they are also communicating with the server and the server network connection is being saturated. Is that the case? Also, are you using named pipes to connect to SQL? I suspect so and that is what's causing all the traffic. Try switching to TCP/IP communication with the server. What exactly is the communication between the server and this machine? What is running on the server and this machine?


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      Re: Server 2003 TCP/NETBIOS-SSN problem


      Thanks for your response.

      The netbios traffic between the server and the client only affects other users as it is saturating the network. 500MB in a couple of hours.

      I have disabled netbios and it has slowed but still communicating but on port 445.

      There is nothing special about the server apart from SQL2005 that is using TCP as the connection and not pipes.

      The client is normal apart from itunes being installed!!! He is a director so can't deny unfortunately, do you think this could have anything to do with this.

      Anyhow this site is remote but I am visiting tomorrow so I can troubleshoot in front of the machines so this should help.

      Any other ideas what would\could produce all this traffic??