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Updating an older network.

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  • Updating an older network.

    I am looking for some general advice. I am working with a small business that has a single NT 4 server and 20 PC that are a mix of XP Pro, XP Home Ed. and Win98. They have setup a domain and all machines have a static IP. There are two client-server applications that they use, Peachtree and tracking database for equipment. All hardware is Dell. They have recently purchased a new Dell 1800 (Win 2003 Std. Ed.)server to host the applictions. To my knowledge the network has no DHCP server(every pc has a static IP) and the is no DNS.

    Should I set up the new server as the AD server and contend with the Win98 incompatability with AD? Should I leave the NT 4 system and add the new server to the existing domain?

    Any suggestions woul d be greatly appreciated.

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    What you do will ulimately depend on how willing they are to accept change and how much time / money they want to spend.

    Adding the new server to the domain as a member server is the simplest and most cost effective solution.

    Migrating the network is more costly and will require some tweaking to allow 98 to work.

    How committed are they to doing away with NT and/or 98?

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