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  • move servers to new machines

    We have some questions to you, but would like first to introduce what we have. So, we have 4 Win2003 Servers - 2 domain controllers (called PDC and Exchange) and Exchange mail server installed on the Exchange domain controller and DFS, on the 3rd one ISA Proxy server is installed, and on the 4th (called Maran) are installed the roaming profiles and the Symantec Antivirus.
    The 2 servers, Maran and Exchange are on PCs, but as we have just purchased 4 new Silicone Mechanics NServ A141 servers, we want to move the Maran and the Exchange onto these new servers.
    1.How to organize the move of the Exchange Mail Server?
    2.Which is the right thing to install the Exchange Mail Server on the:
    a.Domain controller?
    b.Win2003 Server?
    3.Which is the right thing to install the roaming profiles on the:
    a.Domain controller?
    b.File server?
    4.Which is the right thing to install the Symantec Antivirus onto the:
    a.Domain controller?
    b.Server with Roaming Profiles?
    c.Other server?

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    Don't double post either!
    Please read my reply on your other one

    Please read this before you post:

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