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Deployment woes

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  • Deployment woes

    I have just deployed a 2003 server into a workgroup environment. The only problem is, the rest of the work group can't seem to ping the server. The server broadcasts its netbios name, because the workstations in the workgroup can see the server, but not connect to it. This is a fresh deployment, and I have never had other workstations not be able to ping the server.

    The DHCP goodness comes from the all-in-one router deal that we installed for our dsl.

    Any tips on how to resolve the lack of connectivity between the workstations and the server?


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    When you say you cant ping the server is that by name or IP address? If its name then you have a nice DNS problem.

    We see this often when there is a router/modem/adsl device that is used for DHCP. I would stop using the router and get your server doing it... much better config, easier to manage.
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