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Netlogon scripts replication.

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  • Netlogon scripts replication.

    Hi all, its my first post here, rather first post ever on net.....

    Scenario: I have a 2003 R2 network, with two domain controllers. I have recently upgraded of a domain controller's hardware. I have also changed the name of the server (from abc to XYZ). I have loads of batch files in Netlogon share. Every batch file refers to map a drive from the name of the old server "abc", I want to change the server name in command "net use K: \\abc\whatever" in batch file.

    I can do it by editing files one by one on the same location, but I wish to do it by coying all the batch files to some other machine and rename the files and copy/paste to Netlogon folder.

    Cosidering I have 2 domain controllers hosting a single domain. One DC has got FSMO roles and the other is additional DC.

    Question: On which domain controller should I copy/paste the batch files to Netlogon shared folder for ensured replciation.

    Rizwan Ul Haq

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    Re: Netlogon scripts replication.

    Either DC will work. The replication is two way so when you edit and save the files on one DC they will be replicated to the other DC.