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Server thinks user is logged on two machines

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  • Server thinks user is logged on two machines

    2003 Std, XP SP3 clients.

    A user received a warning whilst logging on that his roaming profile cannot be found.
    No network connectivity issues, and after looking in event viewer on the DC, the user had logged on at two machines.
    Apparently, he logged on one machine, and after realising there was a problem, logged off and tried another machine which made no difference.
    There was nothing important in the profile, which was deleted from the server, both machines, and after a fresh logon, all appeared well (no error).

    After the profile was built, the user logged off and logged back on again, (no error) although the profile had not been saved to the server or the client.

    Looking through event viewer, the user is still logged on two machines. The second machine is turned off! I used psloggedon, and it only shows the correct machine.

    As far as I am aware, no other users are experiencing this problem and have been able to use the machine he is currently on with no issues.

    Any pointers appreciated!


    Started the original logged on machine up and the user was lost from event viewer, and able to save the profile accross the network. Looks like a case of being logged on two machines to me!
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    Re: Server thinks user is logged on two machines

    I've not seen issues with roaming profiles and logging in on two computers before. The only time I can see this being an issue is should the user log off two machines at the same time. However using two machines with one roaming profile logon can end up in data loss for the first person who logs off out of the two machines.
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