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Win2K3 Image Restore, can't log in

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  • Win2K3 Image Restore, can't log in

    Hello everyone,

    I have been a long time viewer of this site, it's amazing! I've found soo many good tutorials and solutions in the past. Help is much needed...

    A buddy asked me to help administer his site since his last Administrator was a complete tool... what I mean is that he didn't bother switching on the built-in RAID controller when installing Windows Server 2003 on my buddy's system which runs his website... well the HDD crashed and there was no redundancy in place.

    While I take the server down to enable RAID and subsequently reinstall everything, I need a temporary solution... I imaged the server's HDD and restored it to another PC with completely different hardware.

    MY PROBLEM: It seems that the restore worked at first; I got the Windows Server 2003 Screen and came to the login page... Login credentials seem to work, but the second windows logs in, it immediately logs me back out to the login screen without any prompts...

    Any ideas? Could the user info have been corrupted during the restore?

    I would really appreciate anyone's input


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    Re: Win2K3 Image Restore, can't log in

    It is odd that it would log you back out again. I assume this is just a standalone server with IIS?
    Can you try safe mode?

    Interesting thing (XP but who knows)

    and this?

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