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Windows 2003 Clustering does'nt work properly?

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  • Windows 2003 Clustering does'nt work properly?

    I have made 2 node cluster in windows 2003, and create some resources for failover. Clustering on both nodes has made fine there is no error. The quroum is located on iSCSI target server. Both nodes have Public and private NICs. When i shutdown one node then 2nd node take all the resources automatically.
    But Problem is when I power off one node suddenly the 2nd node not provide failover for resources, Why however i think it should do on accidently power off or any cable unpluged.

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    My both cluster servers have following configurations:

    3 Cluster groups has been created:

    1- Cluster Group (Qurourm)
    2- MSDTC
    3- EXCVS1 ( Exchange group)

    All 3 groups have Failover properties default set to:

    Threshold: 10
    Period: 6 Hrs

    All resources in all cluster groups almost have following values in Advanced page of properties:

    Restart option is selected
    Affect this group is also selected


    "Looks Alive" Poll interval and "Is Alive" Pool interval are set to "Use value from resource type" (By Default)

    Pending timeout is -----> 180 Sec

    Everything is by default.

    Then why failover is not happening, as i have told in my last post that when i proper shutdown any node then it autmatically move all groups to the 2nd node, everything works fine.
    But problem is this that when any node of both suddenly power off then other live member of cluster did'nt take over all the cluster groups and display error message that cluster is not available.

    Why is this it should automatically Take over on the other member failur?

    Please anybody help regarding this.