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  • User profiles cross-domain

    Hi all, me again

    Whilst pondering the best way to preserve as many settings as possible when I move them from one AD domain to another, I checked and realised that they dont currently have roaming profiles set (i.e the profile path box is empty). Trust is out of the window btw.

    Assuming I have created the users on the new AD domain with the same username, once I move the PC's and join the new domain, can I just log them on and reconfig their Outlook for Exchange and away we go?

    Or is there something I am missing?

    If it creates a new local profile folder on the local PC with a different name, I can just copy and paste all the data from one to the another?

    This sounds too straight forward, just think I may be missing something.

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    Re: User profiles cross-domain

    If you want to be really precise use the USMT. The user state mirgation tool is built into XP with a GUI and can be run from Migwiz.exe at the command prompt. This will back up there profile to a .unc file and then you can do as you wish with the profile in terms of migrating it to a new PC with the exact same previous settings. The USMT can be run from the command line as well for large batch jobs of profiles. Addtionally the new users will inherit the default profile from the DC thus as you have already said all you would need to do is migrate the data and reconfigure there MAPI profile. If you using outlook 2007 you dont even need to create thre MAPI profile. Outlook 2007 will do all the hardwork for you as soon as the user clicks and opens it.Its really that easy!


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      Re: User profiles cross-domain


      The users will not be getting new PC's, just moving their current ones. So I am guessing it would look something like:

      1. Check permissions on current local profile and give perms if need be
      2. Unjoin old domain
      3. Join new domain
      4. Copy data from old profile folder to new one
      5. Reconf MAPI

      Job done?!.


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        Re: User profiles cross-domain

        Yup as easy as that mate.


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          Re: User profiles cross-domain

          Sweet. Thanks for the tips. Certainly saves me a big headache!