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Using EventCombMT to export Account Lockout Data

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  • Using EventCombMT to export Account Lockout Data


    My first post so hello to all here. We are using EventCombMT on a Server 2003 Network to try and export all the data relating to Account Lockouts to a readable output file. We have tried outputting to a Spreadsheet but the "Logon Failure, Workstation Name etc.. are showing in 1 column which makes querying and interrogation of this data a lot harder, especially when we have about 8 DC's and need to see all these logs for All DC's in the Domain"

    I have also tried to export this to an Access 2003 Database but again its the same.

    Are there any 3rd party or Microsoft Tools that can take this data from EventCombMT and export it into a report, I am not very good at scripting but have people on my team who are so if this an option we could do it

    What I would like is to be able to produce a report where I can put the username in and bring up all the results for that user.

    Many Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: Using EventCombMT to export Account Lockout Data

    You may want to use LogParser to do what you want. It will allow you to grab events from any machine and parse it with SQL like commands and export the data any way you like.

    LogParser 2.2 and Log Parser Lizard

    Log Parser Lizard is a GUI app that runs on top of LP.
    Jake G

    Former Microsoft MVP - IIS ('02-'06)