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software mirror on a extended partition

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  • software mirror on a extended partition

    Hello all

    I just installed w2k3 with exch2003.
    I have 2 drives both 160 gigs but not identical
    both disks are dynamic
    I was setting up a software mirror

    first drive c: 20 gig
    e: 130 gig ( it's an extented partition )

    I was able to mirror c:

    but I'm not able to mirror e:- the 'add a mirror' tab is greyed out
    this is where exchange is installed as well
    Drive e: is 129.51 gigs

    The unallocated space on the 2nd drive is 129.48 gigs

    so my question is does -the unallocatede space have to be exact or is this close enough or is it because it is a extended partition.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    It has to be exact or larger. You may be able to use Partition Magic (or similar) to resize the smaller partition to the correct size or make the larger partition a tad smaller.
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      for your help ...

      FYI when you convert a basic disk to dynamic the extended partition becomes a simple volume .....