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SysVol directory

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  • SysVol directory

    Hi everyone,

    Perhapss there are plany of answears regarding this thread.

    I an triying to understand why is SysVol directory happens to be undre the system root folder?

    And why si is it possibel to change pemissions to that folder?

    I am part of a huge organization with many users and some are part of the Domain admins.
    A few weeks a go someone by mistake(I am not sure what was he doing in tha directory) by mistake change the permissions for that directory and created a lot of problems, how can I prevent that from happening again?

    I cann't change the way they run the organization and the way the users are setup.
    I looking for a way to lock the sysvol directory. from other admins without harming the service.

    Thank you all

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    Re: SysVol directory

    The sysvol is readable to admins for many reasons including editing of group policy etc. Sounds like a good reason to have auditing, change control and some more training to me.

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