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W2k3 - Server crashing

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  • W2k3 - Server crashing

    Help! My 2003 server is the only domain controller and only exchange server. Now is freezing randomly.

    The situation came after I break down a array which stores data and the exchange database. During the process of restoring the array from backup, the machine began to lockup. But after I stop the exchange services, the system didn’t lockup once. Until I started up exchange after the restore process, the system when to hell again.

    Now the question, I have an image of the c: drive which is about 2 week old. Exchange is deployed about 4 days ago, so the image doesn’t have exchange. How can restore the server to the 2 week old image and then return to the current state?

    Here’s a plan I made, but am I missing anything?

    1. ntbackup – system state
    2. restore to 2-week-old-image
    3. install exchange
    4. restore to system state backup
    5. remounting the file store in exchange

    I have the most concern about step 5. When I install exchange again in step 3, the system will create a new store. Would there be any problem if I just remount the own store, and dismount the default store?

    Sorry for the long post. Please help. Thanks!

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    ok I decide not to restore the systemstate as registry key and dlls files might just be the problem. I'm going to start fresh from image and deploy exchange again

    here's the new dilemma:

    As far as I know, all clients have a offline cache of their own outlook mail box. If I were to deploy a brand new exchange and set it with the same setting as before except a new store is mounted, would the store sync back to the offline cache automaticlly?


    **may be mods could move this to the appropriate section.