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Changing Desktop Admin Password in AD

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  • Changing Desktop Admin Password in AD

    Is there a way to change the admin password and a group to the Local Workstation via AD?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Changing Desktop Admin Password in AD

    Group yes (Restricted Groups), password no but I think the new GPE for 2008 allows this, if not 3rd party programs do.


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      Re: Changing Desktop Admin Password in AD

      To be honest, we use a simple startup script that sets local passwords for certain accounts and enables / disables said accounts as per our policy. the script will contain something like "net user Administrator L0ckTh!sAcc0untD0wnR3allyT!ghtR!ghtN0w!" to set the password. You can also add "/active:no" to the end to disable the account which is very useful for turning the guest account off.

      Pro's to this is that it's easy to do, set by gpo so every machine can be changed and easy to modify

      Con's are that the script is unencrypted and available on the network for people to see. This is mitigated by either only hosting the script when you need to apply the change or encrypting it.
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