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windows server2003 share problem

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  • windows server2003 share problem

    I am new to Windows 2003 server and I wonder if someone can help me?
    I set up a domain, DNS server, users, groups and Organization Units. Users are place in thier own OU and GPOs are applied for each OU. I also have a couple of directories that regular (non ADMIN) users need access to for changing and viewing files. When I log onto a workstation (window 2000 Pro) I have no problems. But if I log on a non ADMIN user to the workstation they cannot change the files in the shares direcory (they can view but cannot delete, rename, change, etc...).
    I have set the share on these directoried to EVERYONE FULL and at the current time in my desparation to get this to work I have permissions set to EVERYONE FULL too just to get it to work? But even with EVERYONE with FULL PERMISSION it will not allow access to changing the files in these directories.
    The only way I seem to be able to allow a regular user access to these directories is to make them administrators.

    What did I do wrong... What am I missing??
    Thank you for anyones help

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    Re: windows server2003 share problem


    I think that you just need to understand the inner workings of share permissions within the windows environment. Take a look at this website and it should help you make the neccessay changes to the shares to allow what your want the users to do.



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      Re: windows server2003 share problem

      Thank you Thank you...
      I think I see the problem now. I set the root drive to set it to share EVERYONE Change and Read and voila! It worked !!.

      With that set a use could theorectically map to the root of the server and see everything BUT if I set a Security Permission of user with no boxes checked they will be denied access.

      Thanks again...


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        Re: windows server2003 share problem

        Your welcome.