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Network Connections Service tok 20 minutes to start.

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  • Network Connections Service tok 20 minutes to start.


    I've had a little problem the other night when i reboot the FSMO role holder. I've had a past issue with it where it would stay on Preparing Network Connections for like, 2 hours. Though, i found the solution for this (for some reason it was Nod32 who would make the server to become super extremly slow).

    So, i did reboot it a couple of times since last time and didn't encounter any problem except the other night. The server did rebot fine, i then tried to connect via TS. It kept telling me that the domain couldn't be contacted to verify my username/password and would disconnect me from TS.

    I connected to another server and opened the DNS console to connect to the server giving me problems. No DNS server were available, so that explained why it wasn't able to find the domain. So i connected to the services of the server to see that the DNS services (server/client) were both started. I tried to connect again to the server and this time, it worked. Good thing, so i went in the event log to see what happened and i saw 2 services that started 15-20 minutes after the server reboot.

    Network Location Awareness
    Network Connections

    I did google the thing and found out that it coudlve been related to misconfigured DNS on the NIC of the server. Indeed, the NIC had 2 DNS server, itself and another server who's been dcpromo'd to a member server. I've changed that to a valid DNS server on the network.

    So, i haven't reboot the server yet and i'd like to know if i should check anything else besides what i've already changed !

    Best regards,