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Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain

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  • Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain


    I just wanted to check before I go ahead with this that I definitely need to do it. When adding the first 2K3 server to our existing 2K domain we ran adprep /forestprep and /domainprep as instructed and then installed Exchange 2K. The first 2K3 server and additional ones have all been SP1.

    I now want to add a 2K3 R2 server to the forest and it's advising me to run adprep again. This in itself is not a problem but will I need to run the Exchange 2K fix as well? And if so do I run it on the Exchange server?

    Hopefully someone will have had this scenario before and be able to advise.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain

    if it's become a DC then yes.
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      Re: Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain


      Thanks for the quick reply.

      Yes it is going to be a DC. When I ran DCPROMO it stated about having to run adprep first. I was unsure whether having already run it for the 2K3 SP1 addition and then having installed exchange whether it was still necessary.

      Now I just need to work out where the ldife.exe is on the R2 disks. It doesn't appear to be in the /support/tools/ file on disk 1



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        Re: Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain

        Just a quick clarification question.

        Is the Server you are going to DCPROMO the one that has had Exchange installed on it? If it is, you are going to break Exchange. You need to DCPROMO and then install Exchange.

        This post applies only if I have understood your post correctly, if not, my apologies if I have added any confusion.
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          Re: Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain

          I guess I've been a bit too vague with my current setup. The domain history is as follows.

          We started with one 2K DC with Exchange running on it.
          Then added another 2K DC
          Added 2K3 DC after having run Exchange fix and ADPREP
          Installed SP1 on 2K3 server
          Added another 2k3 SP1 DC

          I am now looking to add another 2K3 DC but this one is R2 and has told me to run ADPREP before I can sun DCPROMO.

          What I wanted to know was will I have to run some sort of patch on the 2K Exchange server before I run ADPREP to fix any potential errors. I ask this because to add the first 2K3 server I had to run the ldife.exe before running ADPREP to fix a name duplication problem. Am I going to have to do the same thing this time before I run ADPREP?

          The server I'm about to add and run DCPROMO will eventually have Exchange2K7 installed and the mailbowes moved across to it. I will then run DCPROMO on the exisiting Exchange server to remove it from the domain before installing 2K3 R2, but no Exchange, to effectively 'upgrade' it and then add it back to the domain.

          We are looking to standardise with 2k3 R2 across the domain with one server running Exchange 2K7 and another running ISA2006.

          Hopefully that will give you a fuller picture of my intentions. Apologies if I was too vague previously and caused confusion. (You would think that the vagueness I get from our users I'd know better!! )



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            Re: Add 2K3 R2 to Exisitng 2K/2K3 SP1 Domain

            This is the only one I can think of and isn't relevant for you.

            Windows Server 2003 adprep /forestprep command causes mangled attributes in Windows 2000 forests that contain Exchange 2000 servers

            I haven't heard of anything you need to worry about for R2.

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