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What is best NLB or Server Clustering for DCs?

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  • What is best NLB or Server Clustering for DCs?

    Please anybody help me that what is best NLB or server clustering for providing Failover support of Domain Controller.
    I know about Additional domain controller concept, but can i use NLB or Server clustering.
    Plesae Suggest me.

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    Hmm. Not sure how to answer your question.

    Being more specific would help. Let me ask a few questions.

    What do you mean by Failover support for users? do you mean you want to have a DOMAIN controller available to ensure share points, security, and authentification stay constant throughout your network/domain model?

    If so, if you have MORE than one domain controller in the same domain, then you have failover capability already (But this is a specific term which does NOT apply to Windows server versions, below Version 2003)

    Having more than one domain controller in the same Windows domain means that you share out the secdurity policies, user accounts, and logon service/authentification requests. Including secondary services, such as IIS, DHCP, RAS, etc.

    if you mean failover clustering support, then that only applies to Windows 2003 servers, and requires more detail and planning, dependent on what you wish to do, and how you wish to utilize failover/server loads.

    If you're unsure of what I've said, or I've not explained it well enough, then state what it is that you wish to do or achieve in as much detail as you can, and I'll try to assist you further.



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      NLB clustering is not supported for DC's. I'm not even sure that it's possible, thinking about DNS and replication issues. Also, failover clustering will not work.

      To achieve redundancy, just make sure that you have two DC's and that your clients are set up with both DC's in their TCP/IP DNS settings. That's how it should work.