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  • SQL server clustering

    Hi everyone. I'm a new user, and would just like some thoughts and input on something that I am about to plan out and implement over the next few weeks.

    Here is what I want to do. Setup an online webpresence, that will be linked to a SQL database with failover clustering tolerance.

    I want to have a primary webserver, with a secondary backup webserver, which will use a virtual drive between them (To share out the website data so they will both be able to access this, and I can easily keep a backup of)

    This website will also be used for online transactions, etc, so I will tie this into a SQL 2000 server. However... I want to utilize a SQL 2000 failover cluster, so I can have one IP used between both, should one server stop responding so the second can take over.

    SO far so good? I do have one question thought. For backup purposes for my SQL database, I need to keep ensure this is backed up on a regular basis. If my 1st DB fails and I start using my second, does that mean all of my transactions exist physically on the 1st box? If so how then do I re-integrate my old transactions into my new primary database?

    I'm not a database guru, so I'm a little uninformed about the SQL end of things, hence this topic, and post.

    Let me know your thoughts, as I am about to start planning this out shortly.

    I appreciate any and all input and will try to respond in a timely fashion (Available time permitting)