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Migrating to a new domain

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  • Migrating to a new domain

    Ok, so there is and - they are 2 seperate companies, each running SBS2003.

    They are merging into a new company (external domain will be though, for emails etc) - new site, new hardware, new domain.

    After I have built the new domain and it comes the time to migrate their settings (they will be using their exiting PC's, joined to the new domain) what should I be looking out for?

    Mailboxes are small, there are about 40 users tops. I was pretty much going to just export them to PST and reimport them again.

    I was also thinking of using File and Settings Transfer Wizard (all on XP SP2/3) to backup and restore their profile specific settings.

    Is there a better way of doing this? Any suggestions?

    I will have a weekend to configure all the PC's + settings, ready for use again on the following Monday.