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Major Spam Problems

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  • Major Spam Problems

    I'm running a Windows 2003 Standard Server SP2 and hosting over 500 domains on the same server in IIS. Using the POP3 service as my mail server and sending mail out through the SMTP virtual server in IIS.

    First off I would have never used POP3 service as my mail server, I would have done Exchange but can't currently switch because all this money was spent on the custom program integrates the POP3 service.

    Anyways about a week ago I got directory harvest attacked and my Bad Mail queue folder was filling up by the 1000s every minute with NDRs and crashed my server.

    I found a product called ORF which seems to be working decent, I'm only down to about 20-50 messages every 10 minutes so I wrote a script to clear the bad mail queue every 10 minutes.

    Anyone have any other recommendations on any other software or suggestions? Currently using a 3rd party company like Postini to filter the mail isn't an option right now because of the budget.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Re: Major Spam Problems

    do you have port 25 open? since you are not using exchange port 25 is not used for recieving. So close that port on your firewall.
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      Re: Major Spam Problems

      Well if he's hosting email for the domains in IIS (using SMTP) then he needs to have port 25 inbound open on his firewall in order to receive email for those domains. My opinion on ORF is that it is a pretty good server side solution. Much cheaper than a solution that charges per mailbox or per domain.


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        Re: Major Spam Problems

        spam filtering front end. that's the only way to get rid of spam properly
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