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    Hello everyone,
    Just wondering if NT backup is good enough or if there's other backup programs that offer significantly more features without taking most of my small budget. I've got 5 servers with 2k3 two of them strictly file servers for user directories. Small school district, around 200 computers and 275 users. Just need something for disaster recovery. I can back up across my WAN for offsite backups. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Backing Up

    depends what you are backing up, but you never can go wrong with symantec backup exec.
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      Re: Backing Up

      You may also want to look into EMC Retrospect. It's not the "big guns" like Backup Exec, but it's still got quite a few features and add-ons like Open File Backup, User Initiated Restore, Continuous Backup Agent, SQL and Exchange features, etc.. Here's a good PDF on Retrospect. Here's the web page for Retrospect for Windows. The client license scheme looks good too. If you buy the Multi Server package, you get unlimited client licenses.

      It also has a Mac client, if that is of interest to you (being a school, it probably is )

      What all are you looking at backing up? RDBMS servers like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL? Email servers (what kind?)? Clients? More info would help us help you.
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        Re: Backing Up

        Hi newsboy9,

        Data is considered priceless and thus go in for something that is very reliable and proven.
        When things go wrong nobody will spare you if you cannot restore data for some reason or other.

        I am sure most of the backup software are very reliable however I found Symantec Exec working extremely well. I am using Symantec's Backup Exec 11d for last 1 year and backing a few file servers.

        Setup is not all complicated as it will test your Servers and environment before installation and the wizard will guide you. Once it is setup you rarely have to play around other than when you make amendments.

        If your budget permits then go for Symantec's Backup Exec as it is one of the top-of-the-line product having heaps of user-friendly features.

        For you satisfaction & evaluation you could go to Symantec’s site and download a trial version.

        First of all work out a plan of your backup system considering the following:

        • Number of Servers you require to backup
        • Total data needed to backup regularly
        • Do you want to take Full backup or Incremental backup regularly
        • What kind of backup device you want to use
        • How many tapes you would require to protect all data

        You total expenditure will depend on all the above.