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  • IP Error


    When I run IPConfig the following is displayed:
    Windows IP Configuration
    An internal error occured: the request is not supported.
    Please contact Microsoft product Support Services for further help.
    Additional information: Unable to query host name.

    When I run IPConfig or IPConfig /all the follwing is displayed:
    Unable to contact IP driver Error code 2

    What is happening here???????

    I have tried reinstalling TCP/IP - no joy, tried resetting the IP stack - no joy, tried updating the the driver - no joy, tried another nic - no joy

    Why do I always get these problems

    Found this and followed it..... but no joy - Help!!!

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    Still sounds like the driver is bad. A typical symptom. It may be a driver of _another_ NIC though. Had that once, confusingly.


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      Wooaahh! Is this a production server? What is in the network card properties in GUI? Is the server working? Tried a different PCI slot for the NIC?
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        New user here, so forgive me if I make any stupid comments, or fail to use the right 'netiquette' when responding to people.

        You need to ask yourself, some basic questions, for diagnosis. When did this first happen? Has anything changed on this box? Have you checked Event Viewer for existing errors?

        Ok, so if you have and you have more info, then go ahead and post it. If not...

        Go take a look at Device Manager, and let's see how the device is physically looking. Ok, now you have that, post that info, or we'll continue on...

        Depending on what that box has installed application wise, it may be time for some drastic actions, such as uninstalling this card, and re-installing it. Remember, these are drastic actions, and should only be performed ifyou know what you are doing, and this box can be taken 'offline' for X amount of time, until you have it fixed and up and running.

        Let me know your thoughts, and I'll try to assist you further.