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Domain controller has 2 ntds setting

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  • Domain controller has 2 ntds setting

    I have been working at getting some things cleaned up at a company I recently started working with. Their active directory was cluttered with remnants from their exchange 5.5 migration and a few other things. I have gotten all the exchange stuff sorted, removed some non existent dc's, but the final thing I have is, one of the remaining dc's has 2 ntds setting folders in ad sites and services. One is correct and has proper connection agreements, the other has messed up characters in its name and no connection agreements. If i try to delete it from sites and services. It asks whether i want to demote it, restart ad rep, or it is permanently offline. I am not sure which one to pick considering that there is a correct ntds setting for this server. If I go through ntdsutil and drill down to the servers area. I get a list of 4 servers. 2 with the exact same names, settings, etc. So I can't tell which one is the proper one to remove.

    On a side not, I have been reading this forum for many years. Just now decided to join and post.