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Access denied to Folders on WK3

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  • Access denied to Folders on WK3

    I've been recently experiencing an issue where folders (for no apparent reason) are loosing their security privileges to the extent that administrator can not change ownership or re-establish rights to the folders. I initially thought that our roaming profiles contributed to the problem, and the only solution was to reboot the server (highly inconvenient since it's our exchange server/file server...don't ask

    I've now seen a case which is outside of the scope of the roaming profiles and the folders have no security/share tabs at all. It would almost appear that it wasn't ntfs at all. The parent folder is setup properly, with full rights and authorization but the folders within only have the "General" and "Customize" tabs available under their properties. And any attempt to "Replace permissions" from the parent to the child objects results in a "Access Denied"

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    Re: Access denied to Folders on WK3

    you ran chkdsk lately? or anything that checks the volume?
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      Re: Access denied to Folders on WK3

      Replace ownership FIRST. Then OK, OK so the properties dialog closes; reopen it and THEN propagate the correct permissions down.

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