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big windows 2000 network down

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  • big windows 2000 network down

    We have FOUR windows 2000 servers in the domain, we recently installed Service pack 4 in this. from clients folder is redirected to PDC named Aserver, others are Bserver, Cserver and Dserver. After One day noted that MSWORD and EXCEL cannot save to redirected midocument folder and says an errom \\aserver not found. (our domain name is MACRINET (MACRINET.NET). Noted WINS cannot access through snap-in console. in other servers also wins shows same problem. DNS is running.

    Now I can open the file from redirected folder, but cannot save from word and excel it shows \\aserver not found. but I can create file direct( ex. copy abc.txt \\aserver\testfoler\ will work )

    is this problem from sP4?? pl help

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    have you already checked if all necessary rights are granted (e.g. the right to change a file?)

    Are there any entries in the event log?

    If you create a share on Aserver, is the client able to save there?


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      This suggests DNS trouble. If your DNS name were "macrinet" and not "" I could explain that right away...

      Start by troubleshooting the DC's. Install the support tools if you have not done so already, and run DCDIAG and NETDIAG.