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Controlling server suffix registriation with MS DHCP DDNS

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  • Controlling server suffix registriation with MS DHCP DDNS

    I have a question concerning Microsoft DHCP and DDNS behavior (Windows 2003) and I hope I'm posting to the right place.

    I want to control the "connection specific suffix" that is registered for a DHCP client through dynamic DNS in a Windows 2003 DHCP/DNS environment. I want to do this regardless of the primary and connection specific suffixes that are set on the client.

    For example, suppose I had the following TCP/IP DNS settings on a DHCP client system:
    Computer Name: computer1
    Primary suffix (& Active Directory name):
    Connection specific suffix:

    However, when DHCP dynamically registers the computer's name in DNS I want it to register an A record and PTR record for "" and only

    I have tried to adjust the scope options within DHCP to specify the domain, but apparently the Windows client requests it's own DNS update, thereby circumventing the DHCP server. I'd really like to avoid having to push out a group policy to control the TCP/IP DNS settings on all clients.

    Is what I'm trying to do possible with Windows DHCP/DNS or am I missing something obvious here?

    Thanks for your help....

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    Re: Controlling server suffix registration with MS DHCP DDNS

    Ok, after more reading, I think I know a little more about what's going on with DHCP and I need to ask a more specific question.

    From what I've read, there are different levels at which DHCP scope options are applied:
    Server, Scope, Class, Client (in that order)

    If the same option is defined differently at all four levels, the client option wins since it's applied last. How do I prevent the client from overriding an option that is defined at a higher level? Is that possible?

    I'm trying to define Option 15 (DNS Domain Name) at the scope level.

    Thanks again...


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      Re: Controlling server suffix registriation with MS DHCP DDNS