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Windows routing... RRAS

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  • Windows routing... RRAS

    Hello All -

    I am studying for my 70-291 exam and am having trouble understading some of the examples n the book.

    before i get to that let me start with this:

    this is what i have:

    xp system 1: nic 1: / 24
    xp system: nic2: (actual subnet that is used everyday)
    server : / 24
    server : nic 2: (ad's dns dhcp)
    if i add this commadn to my xp system:

    route add mask then i am able to ping
    the destination nic on the server. .200 is the serves ip address. (that is used for ad dns dhcp etc).

    but i cannot get that above route to work for my xp system unless i add it on the xp system. i am trying to use rras to make this work with a static route.

    this may not be clear but can someone help me out here, i dont usually go past material that i havent made work and dont want to start now.

    thank you....


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    Re: Windows routing... RRAS

    I don't follow but just in case,

    It doesn't work unless you manually add the route? If thats your problem then its by design.

    Your route table is not going to auto populate remote networks unless you have a routing protocol enabled on that interface.

    What you do here is make sure your default gateway (whatever it is, router, server, firewall, etc) has all the routes the clients need setup properly.


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      Re: Windows routing... RRAS

      Go into to your DHCP server and goto "scope options" and a new scope, option "33" I bealive it will be called static route, add the IP and then ADD the Gateway and then release and renew the ip on the XP machine and it will do the routing for you. Using RRAS will only help via VPN.
      What do I know, I am only 26.