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Change DNS IP records

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  • Change DNS IP records

    Hi, I recently changed IP's on my DC's at site B to Internal (Private) IP's and mapped external (Public) IP's to the Internal IP's on my firewall, but now the other DC's at site A only knows them by their Internal IP's and can't contact them to replicate with them.

    How can I change the DNS records to my DC's at site A to see my DC's at site B?

    Do I just change the existing records (SRV, Hosts, etc...) to the External IP's?

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    Re: Change DNS IP records

    If Site A and Site B in different forests, that means you need to use "Forwarders" in the DNS for both sites.

    Site A ---> Forward DNS to Site B
    Site B ---> Forward DNS to Site A


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      Re: Change DNS IP records

      We only have one domain so...

      So far, I changed the IP in DNS to the External IP's. I think it's working, I'll keep you updated.


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        Re: Change DNS IP records

        Replication is taking place over the Internet?.... without a VPN? Set up a VPN. Then all your internal address will be resolved throughout the domain.

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          Re: Change DNS IP records

          Is this related to the other question you have open???

          Should really keep the questions together as we can then follow them through.