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MAC Address Binding with Win2003 ADS

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  • MAC Address Binding with Win2003 ADS

    I have a domain controller in Win2003. There are 600 users in HO, 200 user in 3 location each. Different location are connected to HO using MPLS.

    I want to do user wise MAC binding.

    Switch port are blocked for all clients, it can communicate to server for authentication purpose only. if authentication is successfully done (match MAC Address, User ID, Password) then the switch port will be open for the client.

    I'm going to use IEEE 802.x authentication

    What will be the best solution for the connectivity with different location.
    Can I do this in windows 2003. If possible in Win2008 i'll go for the same.

    I'll be very thankful if anybody can help me. ...
    mail [email protected]

    thanx & warm regards