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Transparent Screen Lock for Win2000

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  • steveshurber
    started a topic Transparent Screen Lock for Win2000

    Transparent Screen Lock for Win2000

    I have been looking for a utility that allows me to password protect (lock) my
    Win2000 workstation leaving the screen visible so the application running can
    be seen on the monitor. I have come across something called the "Transparent
    Screen Lock" ( that seems to do
    exactly what I have been looking for. It can even be set to run automatically
    after a timeout period.

    Before going ahead and installing it on a large number of machines I have
    wondering if anyone has had any experience (good or bad) that would help
    me with a go/no go decision.

    Any comments would be welcome.


  • danielp
    I don't know that specific SS you've mentioned, but how about the Transparent Screen Saver that comes with the W2K Kreskit?

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