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  • Connectivity issues


    Windows 2003 R2 domain and we've just added a 10 new pc's to the domain. We're running a SQL database off the server with application local on desktops. All XP SP2 desktops, they all log onto the domain using same generic login.

    A couple of weeks ago, just after the pc's were added and some new cabling was installed, the app. connected to sql database started to show blank pages. It's only happening on a few of the new installed PC's and if you log out of the app and log back in, it's fixed.

    The people who support the app say it's a networking issue.
    They say A micro network drop out would not have a huge impact on the functionality of database and checking is done at Windows file sharing level. However if the connection to the server was lost for a millisecond and reestablished at Windows level, the application would not automatically refresh the links and have to be restarted. Stabilize your network this is not our issue.

    I had some issues with the cabling and got the guys to re-check, they say it's OK.
    The network is served by a really old 3com switch, all the rest of the hardware is new.

    Any advice would be great!


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    Re: Connectivity issues

    just an addition, all the rest of the apps (inc SQL) on the network seem are functioning without error.


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      Re: Connectivity issues

      Might be worth running Wireshark to look at the flow between the two.
      If you can force speeds/duplex on the switch then make sure they aren't mismatched.
      Make sure the servers / clients are fully patched. There was an update fairly recently regarding the tcp chimney etc which caused random problems.

      Make sure your NIC drivers are up to date too.

      If this only started happening after the cabling was changed then suspicions are on that. Can you move the PC's that are affected around so unaffected ones are using their cables to test?

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        Re: Connectivity issues

        netsh winsock reset //on the machines in question
        netsh int ip set chimney disable //on the server
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          Re: Connectivity issues

          I disabled the Chimney and reset winsock on affected machines to no avail.

          I guess the next step is to try a different switch.

          I'm not convinced that the application itself is not to fault, it's written in VB and has many clunky issues.

          Any guides on running wireshark to test flow?

          cheers for help so far!!


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            Re: Connectivity issues

            Also I've been advised that these blank screen issues in the database app have happened before but not as frequent


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              Re: Connectivity issues

              Thanks for all your help!