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W2k Logon Problem

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  • W2k Logon Problem

    I am having a problem logging on to my laptop which has 3 seperate partions, 2 of which are bootable and each has an installation of W2k Pro. The default boot is a partition configered for use on my employer's office network. The other partition is configured for my client's corporate wide network. I'll refer to that partition as "out of office". The other day while I was booted up on the "out of office" partition I tried to connect to another computer to use it's local printer. I made the fatal mistake of trying to join that machine's workgroup with my laptop. I believe that this messed things up because when I try to logon my logon dialogue box now displays the option to connect thru dial up instead of displaying my client's domain name. And when I put my user name and password in, I get and error message that I should check my domain name and user name to be sure they are correct. I deleted the "SAM" files and this didn't help either. I did save copies of them.

    I tried to go in thru the default boot and use your "LOGON.SCR trick" described in your article "How can I gain access to a windows 200/XP/NT computer if I forgot the administrator's password?" I the command prompt screen I entered the command string per the article and I got a system error and was denied access to the admin's password. I thought that if I reset the admin's password I could gain access to the "out of office" boot. I really want to avoid reloading W2k on the "out of office" partition if possible. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can fix this problem.

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    resetting administrator password on windows 2000


    If you need to reset a password or unlock a user who has entered his/her password more than the allowed times, you can use this tool:


    It ONLY works if you have NTFS partitions.

    I hope it helps.