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Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

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  • Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

    Hi, first of all and being my first post on this forum, i want to say hi to everyone...

    now my question is...

    i've got a w2003Server, and i want to make a image of this O.S. so if the system crash (like a problem in a disk) in few minutes i can bring on the Server

    how can i do this... ?


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    Re: Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

    acronis, ghost, g4u... make a pick
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      Re: Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

      I would use Acronis. i have used this before for servers and works great. Create an Acronis bootable CD and create the image from there. Don't do it within the server OS.


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        Re: Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

        I can recommend Acronis as well. Save the image to a network share somewhere for faster recovery. Just remember you'll have to make frequent images for them to be of any use and also remember this is not a replacement for a regular backup stratergy

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          Windows 2003 Server Image Backup

          So I need to make an image from another computer of the server? I do we go about getting an image of the server while it is running? It can not copy everything can it?
          Using Acronis, what are the steps for imaging the server?
          What version of Acronis can do this with server 2003? I have True image server V9.1

          Now restoring. Is it a bootable image that copies onto the server? What is the resotre process? I've got Arcronis and it isn't very clear what to install.
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