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  • Certificate deployment


    I would like to deploy personal certificates to serveral users. These are all password protected certificates from suppliers (and created by the supplier) used for access to websites or applications.

    I already found a way to deploy a certificate using a vbscript with the capicom.dll and the cstore.vbs file and used this for an organisation wide certificate (not personal). I attached this script to a GPO and attached it to the user accounts.

    At this moment i have a doubt about how to deploying the serveral personal certifiactes.

    - Windows Server 2003
    - Windows XP Pro SP2
    - Personal certificates all .pfx files containing full name (e.g. JohnSmit_1234.pfx)
    - Per user a passwords used for certificates

    At the moment i have the following options in mind:

    Deploy the certificates fully with scripts use 1 GPO.
    Then i need to read a file with the certificate file names and passwords and install the certificates based on the logged on user.

    Deploy the certificates using a GPO for each user.
    This is the same i do for the organisation wide certificate and easy to realize. It's only a lot work to create a GPO for each user and also a lot work to manage certificate changes en updates for each user.

    I prefer option 1 to create a script for this, but is this the best way? Are there other better solutions? Is it possible to do this when installing a CA server?

    Any suggestions and advise is welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

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    Re: Certificate deployment

    Anyone a suggestion?

    Kind regards,