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  • IAS Passwordless Connection..

    Good morning/afternoon everyone,

    I have a situation where I need to verify if users exist in Active directory, over radius. The system that does that check will not provide any password (other than the shared secret).

    Is there a way in radius to check if a user exists, go through the normal policies, WITHOUT requiring a password?

    Turning credential checking off just allows anything through, without checking if the user exists or not...

    PS I know this isn't a nice thing to do but believe me I have tried to do things in a cleaner way so let's not turn this thread into a "you shouldn't do that" thread Thanks
    VCP on vSphere (4), MCITP:EA/DBA, MCTS:Blahblah

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    Re: IAS Passwordless Connection..

    There's got to be a way to cook up a policy that will only verify if the user exists and return OK if he does, denied if he doesn't....

    I know it's a stupid request but if you have any lead on where I could look to possibly find a solution let me know..

    VCP on vSphere (4), MCITP:EA/DBA, MCTS:Blahblah