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  • DCPromo

    Hi Everybody,

    I need some help please regarding dcpromo.

    I have 2 domain controllers, lets call them DC1 and DC2.

    DC1 used to be the only DC in the domain and also runs exchange 2003.
    I installed DC2 and did all the 5 roles transfer to it, all seems to work well the replication is working GPO is working and exchange is looking towards DC2 for all its AD requirements.

    I now need to install exchange 2007 on a new server to replace my current exchange 2003. But i need to demote DC1 to free the server of AD so that when time comes i can safely permanently turn off DC1 when new exchange is working.

    Is it safe to DCpromo DC1 because it askes to delete all domain records and things, even if i said this is not the last DC in the domain.

    What can i do to check that DC2 is infact doing its roles as Primary DC before i demote DC1.


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    Re: DCPromo


    No its not safe to demote now as your exchange 2003 is on that DC, the result of demoting of dc1 one will be unfunctionality of exchange,

    since you are deplyoing exchange 2007 and going to move all the mailbox on new server then why is so hurry for demoting the dc1.

    lets complete the migration of e2k3 to e2k7 then remeve exchange then dc1