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Why is my server paging so much? Recovered from my rss rdr.

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  • Why is my server paging so much? Recovered from my rss rdr.

    the first bit -

    Author: Davej
    Subject: Why is my server paging so much
    Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:56 pm (GMT 2)
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    I have been running a perf log for about 5 days now trying to isolate slow downs that were being experienced. From the perf log it looks like it is paging excessively - the report in perfmon shows:

    Pages/sec 68.381

    Avg. Disk Queue Length 0.038

    % Processor Time 1.739

    This server is used for file sharing only - although a large Access database is used from this server (80MB). The only "application" that runs on it is Arcserve. I'm trying to work out why there is so much paging.

    Network details are

    2 servers, one running SBS2003 on a Dell Poweredge 2850 with 2 GB RAM, the other running W2K3 on the same hardware, this second server is the one with the slow downs. It has a RAID controller with 2 virtual disks - one is RAID1 and the other RAID 10. Max is 12 users on at any one time.


    23/02/05 8:38 AM


    MCSEworld by Daniel Petri
    Server Operating Systems :: RE: Why is my server paging so much
    Author: Davej
    Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 1:19 am (GMT 2)
    Topic Replies: 3

    ok - looking in the task manager the top 5, sorted by VM Size are

    Image Name              Mem Usage    Peak Mem Usage     VM Size 
    omaws32.exe             37,980 K        41,976 K        47,992 K 
    lsass.exe               34,796 K        39,636 K        31,516 K 
    pbeagent.exe            13,976 K        14,096 K        14,152 K 
    VxSvc.exe                5,380 K         5,592 K        13,716 K 
    pbeserver.exe           12,040 K        12,380 K        12,368 K
    I think omaws32.exe is the Dell management software, lsass.exe is a local security system thing, pbeagent is the APC UPS monitoring software, I think vxSvc.exe is something to do with the Dell management software again and pbeserver.exe is APC related again.

    I wonder if I can disable the Dell management software?


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    Ok, I ended the omaws32.exe process this morning and have been running a perfmon ever since.

    Memory is now showing as 2.8 pages per second.

    One wonders why Dell would release such a memory hog?


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      Maybe the program is meant to be loaded only when in use and not all the time?

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        I think it is supposed to be running all the time as it is monitoring temperatures, voltages, fan speeds etc. I'm going to log a warranty call with Dell and see what they come back with.


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          We had the same problem.

          We re-installed the Dell-Software (ask Dell for the newest version) and that thing was gone.

          BTW: check the logs of the management software, it could be that maybe there is a hardwarefault. This fault can lead the software to run with higher priority and memoryconsumption.
          (That's what i was told from Dell-Support....)


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            thanks - I checked the logs and there were no errors logged - I'll contact Dell and see what they say.