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  • Software Update Service (SUS)

    Greetings to all members of this forum. I'm a newbie here!

    Well, let me get straight to my problem and see if there's anyone here that can help me.

    I intend to use SUS on a LAN with no connectivity to the www by doing the following:

    - Install SUS in one of the Member Servers that has IIS installed (I will call it serverA for my explanation);
    - Install SUS in one ohter server in a different LAN, with connectivity to the internet, and doenload all the updates (synchronize the complete catalog) - this one will be serverb;
    - Copy the the content of folder %systemroot%/SUS from serverb to the same folder in servera;
    - Pray for it to work!!!!!

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Is it possible to make this thing work?

    My IT personal is tired of downloading each update manually and deploy it to all the client computers in the lan I just referred using third-party tools...

    If you can help me, just answer to this post or send me an e-mail.

    By the way, my name is Pedro Silva, I'm from Portugal and I am finishing my certification.

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    You dont need to copy the files, on the server that doesn't have internet access simply specify the first server as the host in the SUS settings.
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