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How to. Network Folders & Shadow Copy

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  • How to. Network Folders & Shadow Copy

    History: I have a server where users connect to with Remote Desktop Connection. I have enabled Shadow Copies for each user's 'My Documents Folder' (C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents). For 'Previous Versions' tab to show users must access their folder through \\server\user1 docs. Users aren't very computer literate and I don't want to inconvenience them by going through all this.

    Problem: Is there a way to create some sort of shortcut or link to this network folder so users will still be able to see 'Previous Versions'.

    What I tried: I simply created a shortcut of the each user's network shared folder and placed it on their desktop, but that somehow converted the folder to a local folder instead of network other words, 'Previous Versions' didn't show up.

    My Goal: Have users connect to their account through 'Remote Desktop', Shadow Copy each user's 'My Documents' folder, and have users restore previous versions of their files without my help and without needing to access their folder through \\server\user1 shared folder. Essentially, to the user their experience should seem like they are working on a regular computer...I don't want them to deal with networking (liked going to \\server\)
    Also, users shouldn't be able to access each other folders.

    My System:
    Windows Server 2003 SP2
    Workgroup (not Domain)
    Just a Server, not networked.