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Can not share MDB on DFS- but it was working on Novell!?

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  • Can not share MDB on DFS- but it was working on Novell!?

    We recently migrated our Perth users from their ailing Novell server (PER-SRV) to a new Windows 2003 SP2 Server (PER-SRVLN). This server hosts a link to the company's DFS so all files on PER-SRV were copied to the shared folder on PER-SRVLN and thus made available to all users via the DFS (a mapped drive on all workstations created by the logon script.

    There is one file which is giving me hassles. It's called "TimeKeeper.mdb" which is an Access97 DB. Two users access this mdb using Access97 clients on their workstations.

    Now that the file is on the DFS, workstation ABC can open the DB from a desktop shortcut with no probs. Workstation XYZ can not while ABC has it open. Nothing happens when XYZ tries to open the DB. No errors no warnings.

    If I open a command prompt and run the MDB directly by specifying the DB name on the command line, I get the error:

    "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

    Strange for a DB!?

    I can get around the problem by first opening MS Access then opening the DB from there. But I'd like to know why all of a sudden the shortcuts don't work when the DB is already opened.

    I even created a new DB with a simple 1 table 4 field DB and that did the same thing. I tried moving the DBs to another server/location- no change.

    Both workstations have Office 2003 and Access97 installed.
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