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Use LDIFDE to export sip info from AD

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  • Use LDIFDE to export sip info from AD

    Hi everyone, before i start i have to say, awesome site, great work Daniel!

    Ok, I want to setup some central contact lists for my new Office Communicator server. I have followed this MS document how to export my users into a text file, that is straight forward and I have it displaying the users display name only.

    What I want to do though is export my distribution list to a text file with the details required to put in my OCS contact list. So I believe I need sip:[email protected] for all users in the text file (Please correct me if I am wrong!) like so:

    sip:[email protected]
    sip:[email protected]
    sip:[email protected]

    This detail is listed in AD under the communications tab. I understand you can have a -l switch when using LDIFDE but I can not seem to find what that particular attribute is called.

    My question is, how can I either change the vb script to edit the output into what I need OR is there a better way of getting this information for OCS contacts??

    I have OCS 2007 and Exchange 2003 SP2.

    Thanks in advance.