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  • ISCSI clustering help

    I have an intel ssr212MA san with 1TB of disk space.
    I set up the san correctly, installed microsoft iscsi initiator 2.07 on both node. Then i connected the first node to the SAN.Turned off the 1st node, connected the 2nd one to the SAN.Turned it off again, turn on the 1st node, and tried to install clustering.everything works fine until i start the 2nd node.As soon as it is up it captures back the SAN and the clustering fails.
    I have tried every possible scenarion but nothing seems to work.
    By the way the second node states in the initiator that it is reconnecting while the other node is connected( i have configured it to failover only)
    Anyone can help? need some pointers to how to configure the initiator on both nodes.I searched alot but found nothing interesting.Any1 with real life experience bout this?
    Thx alot guys.

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    Re: ISCSI clustering help

    I'd try to call the SAN support, to make sure the config is supported at all

    also, make sure all the firmware is up to date
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